Getting to Aveiro is quick and easy.

There are a lot of flights to Oporto and Lisbon, many low cost who makes this journey very time and cost effective from most origins of Europe.

The Portuguese public transportation takes you from Oporto airport to Aveiro in about 2 hours and from Lisbon airport to Aveiro in 3 hours.

The organizing team is waiting for you!

At this time, we already have a significant number of entries from abroad, but we want that all of you to come to Aveiro and enjoy this lovely city who discovered Orienteering two years ago. Now there is time you discover Aveiro as well.

Flying to Portugal

The closest airport is Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport in Oporto, located some 70kms to the north of Aveiro. Portela International Airport in Lisbon is located 250kms to the south of Aveiro.

From Oporto to Aveiro

The journey from the airport to the railway station (called Porto-Campanhã) which has direct rail connections to Aveiro can be done by taxi for around 20€ and takes around 30 minutes. A less expensive way to reach the Porto-Campanhã railway station is to use the Metro, Violet (E) Line, which has a terminal at the airport. The trips between the airport and the railway station take about 32 minutes (Z4 ticket).

The train journey to Aveiro takes about 40 minutes if you take the Alfa Pendular train and Intercidades or 1h15 if you take a regular train. There are many trains running regularly to Aveiro from Porto.

From Lisbon to Aveiro

If you’re arriving by plane, the best way to come to Aveiro is by train from Lisboa-Oriente railway station. To get to the train station, you can take a taxi, which takes about 10 minutes, but there are less expensive ways to get there, by bus, for example (lines 5 and 44) or by the Metro, Red Line, which has a terminal at the airport. The trips beetween the airport and Oriente take about 10 minutes and are frequent less than 10 minutes during the day.