On October 11, the city of Krakow received about 400 Orienteers to take part in the 4th round of the City Race Euro Tour 2015.

The 10th and 11th of October, the city of Krakow received about 400 orienteers to take part in the 4th event of the City Race Euro Tour. The program proposed by the organizers consisted in a night Sprint race, which took place on Saturday 10th in the area of Nowa Huta, a residential area, typical of the oldest parts of Nowa Huta, long blocks of flats with many passageways and lots of urban greenery. The terrain is almost entirely flat.
The winners of this night sprint in the Elite categories were Garbacik Micha? in men, with a time of 25.58 and Królik Kinga in women, with a time of 22.50.

Sunday 11th was the day valid for City Race Euro Tour, in the area of Kazimierz. The area includes Wawel Royal Castle, Jewish district Kazimierz, northern part of Podgórze district, Vistula Embankments around Forum Hotel and part of D?bniki district. It is a typical old town terrain – mostly tenement houses grouped in rough squares. Vistula Embankments is mostly open area while Wawel Hill is a mixture of walls, building and lawns. The terrain was mostly flat, except from the castle area and the embankments. 

The Organization offered the possibility to live tracking via GPS in both events, which has brought a plus of quality to this event.

The first five finishers in the Elite category were as follows:



1. DR?GOWSKI Kuba          51.00  +0.00
2. KOSKY Jack                       53.46  +2.46
3. KUPRIIETS Anton             53.53  +2.53
4. GARBACIK Micha?             54.31  +3.31
5. NAKVOSAS Mindaugas   54.53  +3.53



1. WIELEBA Marlena             50.30  +0.00
2. KRÓLIK Kinga                    52.01  +1.31
3. SKINDER Liudmila           52.12  +1.42
4. JÄÄDMAA Maiki                   52.55  +2.25
5. WICHA Ma?gorzata             52.57  +2.27

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