Porto City Race 2015: Triumphs of Jack Kosky and Sophie Kirk

Hardly contested, the queen stage had in the British Jack Kosky and Sophie Kirk the big winners.

Point of departure and arrival of the third and final stage of the Porto City Race 2015, the Pasteleira Park was the epicentre of the queen stage, held this morning and scoring for the City Race Euro Tour 2015. Organized by the Grupo Desportivo dos Quatro Caminhos, the event offered great challenges to about three hundred participants, more than half of which competing in the Open classes.

A week after the London City Race 2015, where he was 23rd placed, the British Jack Kosky took a big win today in the Men Senior class, covering the 8.400 meters of his course in 52:10. Repeating the outstanding performance that earned him, yesterday, the triumph in the Final of the Portuguese Urban Circuit 2015, Nélson Baroca (CA Madeira) was the second placed, with 59 seconds more than the winner. Winner of the Sprint stage that took place yesterday at S. Roque Park and Monte Aventino Sports Centre, the British Mark Burley (Bristol OK) finished in the third place with a time of 53:26.

Remaining winners

The winner of the Women Senior class was the British Sophie Kirk (Octavian Doobsters), finnishing the 5.600 meters of her course in 41:26. To this result she adds the triumph in the night Sprint stage that opened the Porto City Race 2015 and follows to the excellent 8th place achieved last week at London City Race 2015. The French Heloise Cavalier (RO Paris) and Marie Desrumaux (Valmo), took again excellent results, occupying respectively the second and third positions, with 1:39 and 2:07 more than the winner. Tania Costa Covas (.COM) was the best Portuguese athlete in the race today, finishing in sixth place with 5:45 more than the winner.

In the other classes, the rule remained and while the Portuguese dominated in the lower age groups, the foreigners, mostly British, were the great rulers in the Veterans classes. The highlights go to the youngster Helena Lima (COC), for the veteran Mary Ross (interlopers), for the Super-Veteran Annamari Vierikko (HS) and for the Ultra-Veteran Christopher Branford (WIN), which made a full of victories in the three stages disputed.


Men Senior
1. Jack Kosky (UDOC) 52:10 (+ 00:00)
2. Nelson Baroca (CA Madeira) 53:09 (+ 00:59)
3. Mark Burley (Bristol OK) 53:26 (+ 01:16)
4. Robert Kelly (AIRE) 56:55 (+ 04:45)
5. Maikel Rodriguez (AROMON) 58:37 (+ 06:27)

Women Senior
1. Sophie Kirk (Octavian Droobers) 41:26 (+ 00:00)
2. Heloise Cavalier (RO Paris) 43:05 (+ 01:39)
3. Marie Desrumaux (Valmo) 43:33 (+ 02:07)
4. Merill Mägi (OK Kape) 43:47 (+ 02:21)
5. Sally Calland (WIM) 47:04 (+ 05:38)

Winners other classes
Youth M/F - Tomás Lima (COC) and Helena Lima (COC)
Junior M/F - Ricardo Ferreira (ADFA) and Joana Marques (Ori-Estarreja)
Veteran M/F - Eduard Garcia (Farra-O) and Mary Ross (INTerlopers)
Super-Veteran M / F - Gavin Clegg (Quantock Orienteers) and Annamari Vierikko (HS)
Ultra-Veteran M / F - Christopher Branford (WIM) and Liz Drew (Happy Hearts)
Initiation - Afonso Guimarães (CCachapuz OK)
Open Short - Daniel Pereira (EB Apulia)
Open Middle - Eduardo Camilo (Individual)
Open Long - Gonçalo Gomes (Seri)

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