The European City Race Tour is a league of Orienteering Events in major European Cities that brings the orienteers into the cities, in front of enthusiastic spectators, with an excellent media coverage and offer a touristic approach to Orienteering city races.


Events are open to all, from Under 10s to Over 70s, whether you are one of the world´s best orienteers, experienced athlete or it’s your first time in Orienteering.


This tour takes all participants into some wonderful places of European Cities, with challenging courses for all classes and spectacular controls in some of the most beautiful touristic paradises of Europe. Participants can combine the Middle-Long distance course in urban environment together with a amazing touristic route, good accommodation, traditional food and enthusiastic spectators!


In urban environment, the European City Race gives the public and the media visibility to increase the popularity of Orienteering and attract crowds to applaud runners.


Ready to Enter?

Paris, Antwerp, Bristol, Treviso, Porto, Barcelona and Bilbao are waiting for you!